About CaMPA

The Campervan and Motorhome Professional Association has been formed to help protect and sustain a future for the campervan and motorhome industry in Scotland.

Safe driving Scotland

We are a central point for helpful information for visitors planning a trip to Scotland in a campervan or motorhome, whether in their own vehicle or a hire vehicle.

Informal camping

We provide general advice on campervan and motorhome etiquette, campsites and informal camping , safe driving practices and environmental awareness.


Our committee are a collective of experienced and responsible campervan and motorhome users, hire companies and tourism bodies from around the whole of Scotland.

Professional Standards

With our committee’s experience, knowledge and passion for the leisure industry in Scotland, we are all acutely aware of how vital it is that tourists and visitors are advised fully of the do’s and dont’s of motorhoming in Scotland and that companies hiring campervans and motorhomes are fully aware of their responsibility to ensure that they provide their customers with comprehensive information, guidance and support for their trip.

CaMPA has set a professional code of conduct that hire companies will agree to follow if they are a member to ensure education, good advice and support on safe and correct practices are provided to customers when going on holiday in a campervan or motorhome in Scotland.

CaMPA will continue to work with campsites, businesses, local communities, tourism groups and governing bodies to help increase the knowledge of what is needed to improve the facilities for people travelling in campervans or motorhomes, to help educate communities on how to welcome touring visitors, encouraging them to stop for longer and contribute to the local economy. 

We aim to communicate useful information via our website and social media channels, with all of the frequent questions asked by people wishing to tour Scotland in a campervan or motorhome available in one dedicated place.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help create a sustainable future for the campervan and motorhome industry by communicating with users on general motorhome etiquette, informal camping advice, safe driving practices and environmental awareness.

You will be able to find answers to all the frequently asked questions about campervan and motorhome travel in Scotland.

We hope you find this useful and if you think there is something that needs to be added to our site, we welcome your feedback, please get in touch via our contact page.

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