CaMPA Guidelines


The following are the basic, yet really important things which should be in place to ensure you have a safe, informed and fun campervan or motorhome adventure.

  • Vehicle handbooks should be included in all hire vehicles. These should include basic information on the campervan or motorhome - where to fill the water, empty drains etc. Emergency contact details for the hire business should also be included.
  • A copy of CaMPA's 'Freedom Camping' guidance should be available in all hire vehicles.
  • Members should have clear terms and conditions which must be available for hirers to read prior to booking and before the hire actually commences.
  • Members should have clear procedures in place for dealing with customer complaints or grievances.
  • Members must agree to support the long-term growth and sustainability of the industry and the Scottish countryside. Lists of 'secret locations' for freedom camping should NOT be included on members websites as this leads to overuse and damage of often delicate sites
  • CaMPA members agree to establish their own pre-hire procedure which must ensure that vehicles are presented in a clean and tidy manner to each customer. Vehicles must also be checked to ensure that they are roadworthy and basic mechanical checks such as oil, coolant and tyre pressure and conditions are legal.
  • All campervans and motorhomes on hire must have a valid gas safety certificate issued by an appropriately qualified LPG Gas Safe engineer. This should be part of an annual inspection of gas systems and appliances and is a legal requirement for hired motorhomes and campervans.

Here is our Freedom Camping Advice leaflet, with details on access rights & top tips for your campervan/motorhome adventure!

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