Touring Advice

If you have never holidayed in a campervan or motorhome before and are thinking of doing so, or if you own a campervan or motorhome and are thinking of touring Scotland, these pages should answer any questions you may have, with guidance on “informal or freedom Camping” and general best practice of campervan and motorhome etiquette.  


We have focussed on the key issues that affect motorhome and campervan visitors to Scotland and have provided links to useful sources of visitor information where appropriate. Happy Planning! 

Scottish Outdoor Access Code    We strongly encourage all visitors to Scotland to look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and the information provided on the NatureScot website.  

Quick Video’s to Watch  There are also some excellent, quick watch videos on the YoungScot website with guidance on toileting, crossing fields and responsible camping along with other useful guides. Why not spend a few minutes having a look at these as part of your holiday planning?